Daenerys Targaryen and his links with Alexander the Great

In the following lines, we are going to compare a fictional character with a key character in the history of humanity. These figures are, on the one hand, Alexander the Great, key figure in the History of Europe, part of Asia and Egypt; and Daenerys Targaryen, star of the book series «Song of Ice and Fire» by George R.R. Martin.

Note that it is also a historical character (Alexander the Great) and another fictitious (Daenerys Targaryen), many of the similarities between you and you that your contemporaries, will become essential characters that change in their place of experience.

-Who son?
The historical figure of Alexander the Great, whose cinematographic representation is realized in the homonymous film of the year 2004 of the director Oliver Stone, is more than anybody in the life of the people, but never comes to have more than to remember the aspects of the life of this Macedonian statesman. Alexander the Great was born on July 20, 356 BC or on a date close to Pella, capital of Macedonia. Alexander’s mother was Philip’s fourth wife, Olympia, princess of Molossia, region of Epirus south of Illiria. The name of the newborn and the one that we had already had other monarchs of the royal house of his nation. Notes on the subject of the first years of Alexander you spend most of it in the palace of Pella, in close and regular contact with his mother and his sister Cleopatra carnal. We also have Greek tutors who have not appeased the passion that young Alexander feels for the hunting of wild animals, which plays a fundamental role in the preparation for the maturity of young Macedonians. The absences of Philip, always in the campaign, left Alexander in his first years of life at the discretion of his mother, who began in the cultured mystics, origins and who in turn, his father, a feeling of distrust and rivalry. When Alexander was growing and repressing with social networks.
When Alexander was 13 years old, Filipo estimated the best teaching job in charge of teaching Alexander, so Aristotle, the son of Nicómaco, the court doctor at the time of his grandfather, King Amintas, answered. He said of Aristotle himself that he was a kind of itinerant encyclopedia.

After the death of his father Philip and after assuming the charge of King of Macedonia in 336 BC, he embarked on a series of conquests throughout Greece, Turkey, Egypt and part of the Near East, defeating King Darius III of the Persian Empire . During the years before his reign and after defeating Darius III, Alexander the Great begins to forge an empire of his own from the ashes of the old Persian Empire. He also became an emperor or great king very different from the Greek model.

Leaving aside the figure of Alexander the Great, we find the figure of Daenerys Targaryen, who in his role in the television world we have a British actress Emilia Clarke in the series based on the books of Song of Ice and Fire. Book, Game of Thrones that began in the year 2011.

Daenerys Targaryen is the third daughter of the last Targaryen king, nicknamed Aerys II «The Mad King». His dynasty had ruled the entire continent of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms until the fall of it to the consequences of Robert’s Rebellion (282-283). At the end of the capital of the Kingdoms of Seven, King’s Landing, the father of Daenerys, dies at the hands of Sir Jaime Lannister which causes the end of the war and its mandate.

Days ago, Daenerys’ mother, Rhaella Targaryen, had moved to the ancestral abode of the Targaryen family, the island of Dragonstone, along with her middle son, Viserys. On a stormy night, she gives birth to Daenerys, dying her mother in the part. The last followers of the Mad King, moved to Viserys and were born to another continent, Essos, in which all the adventure of Daenerys.

As daughter of kings and sister of «Prince Beggar» Viserys Targaryen, as her brother will be called, she will become an endless number of titles such as Mother of Dragons, Jaleesi of the Great Sea of ​​Grass, The One that Does not Burn, Chain Breaker, Queen of mereen At the beginning of its history, being its smaller sister of a king without throne, a puppet of its brother but that will finish governing its own destiny.

– Initiatic trip in the east.

This is when the similarities between Alexander the Great and Daenerys Targaryen begin. In the course that Daenerys experiences during his short life, he travels through a continent called Essos, whose name is very similar to that of Asia, for which Alexander the Great travels. Daenerys travels through cities that have an assimilation to the Babylon of Alexander the Great and is the city of Qarth. They are cities with clay walls, with cobblestones of different colors and a social system with eunuchs (The Immaculate Daenerys) and slaves. Even the iconography and architecture with animals and human monsters and ziggurats are of Assyrian environment, just as Alexander the Great finds it upon his arrival in Babylon.

Daenerys as Alexander the Great present a strong will to integrate the different peoples, together with the conjunction of a great diverse army. Both characters are young Westerners who make an initial trip and who will become the leader of a large multicultural troop.

Daenerys, like Alexander, is a curious being by nature and without prejudice. The king of Macedonia consecrated his life to a great expedition, which ended up becoming the march of a town; Daenerys also becomes mhysa, the mother of a people. We will stay to know if his goal of reaching his father’s throne will end up unleashing the massacres that Alexander’s ambition provoked at that time.

-The key figures in your world.

Both Alexander the Great and Daenerys Targaryen are also an indispensable and indisputable part of their world. Alexander achieves what other Greeks tried and half accomplished, the struggle against the Persian Empire and the victory over him, while Daenerys, in the face of her sex in a typically medieval and patriarchal world, prevails and is promoted from her position and Power, which provokes the envy of his brother Viserys.

Both characters, as we said before, are born in the West / West and carry out their political career and their life in a foreign world or little known to them, Asia / Essos, with cultures unknown to them, but in one way or another they can assimilate. and even become their leaders.

Alexander the Great throughout his journey through Asia fought against the old local powers, such as the Persian Empire of Darius III or the Satrapies of the Middle East and imposed a social, political and cultural model that, after the death of this, was will call Hellenism. Daenerys, on the other hand, on her journey through Esso, will know different cultures, from which she will learn new aspects, some of which she will acquire while adding to her cohort of followers such as the Immaculate, the Second Children, the Dothraki. and of course 3 dragons.

These two figures annulled the whole system imposed by one, for Alexander in the Greek-Macedonian manner and for Daenerys for a more just one for the masses of population and for the political boom of it.

– Final assessments

To finish, we can not leave aside the similarity between both characters. Their parents, Filipo and Aerys, died murdered by their bodyguards by knife, they marry twice abroad with foreigners. Adopt the clothes of the people who have won, this is also observable in the film and television versions of the characters. Prepare young people from the lands that have been conquered for the Western struggle, as well as, in turn, a large multinational troop: Macedonians, Greeks, Egyptians, Persians for Alexander and Dothraki, Immaculate, Secondary Sons for Daenerys.

In the fifth season, when Tyrion tells him the power play of the big houses, Daenerys replies to him «Lannister, Baratheon, Rigid, Tyrell, they are just spokes of a wheel, this one is up, then the other is up, and so on. , the wheel keeps turning, crushing those underneath, I’m not going to stop the wheel, I’m going to break the wheel. «This is the answer, spacing the distance, with the episode of Alexander’s Gordian knot. problem through an example of lateral thinking.

His worst moments, for Alexander was in the desert of Gedrosia, where the Macedonians took place to devour their own horses and Daenerys lives a similar experience in the Red Desert.

Daenerys buys 10,000 soldiers, the so-called Immaculate, the same number of men as the battle body is known as the Immortals. The way George R.R.Martin describes the Immaculate – infantry soldiers, with long spears and conical helmets, who fight in compact formation – resembles the Hellenic hoplites and, in particular, the Macedonian pezhetairoi.

Philosophy of ice and fire is compared to the initiatory and transforming journey of Daenerys, that path of Being-in-act towards the Being-in-power that Aristotle would say, with the warrior king Alexander the Great. Like Alexander the Great, in Dany there is a combination of youth and beauty, in a tender moment and, at the same time, ruthless as well as curious and without prejudice.

Alexander the Great became a symbol for his time and his death, initiated the movement known as Hellenism. On the other hand, Daenerys Targaryen, represents a radical change, everywhere, happens, passes, and, through books, this character has not died. By way of conclusion, we are left with a phrase that describes these two characters very well:

«The old world is dying. The new one is slow to appear. And in that chiaroscuro arise the visionaries «.

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