Alexander, Jesus and thirty-three

Throughout the history of Humanity the number 33 has become an enigma. For many it corresponds to a magical number that has appeared in some of the most important events in history, from back times to contemporary times.


According to numerology, the 33 – along with numbers 11 and 22 – is a master number, charged with balance, spirituality and love in its purest expression, through surrender, sacrifice and compassion. The Mayans would have discovered the mathematical nature of God in the frequencies of numbers 13 and 20 which, added together, give 33 (13 represented as a circle and 20 as a square).

However, yes, the 33 is related to the intellectual and artistic skills of people, thanks to a kind of «master vibration» that allows human beings have the ability to attract to themselves the cosmic vibrations that inspire other people , making them spiritual leaders and great characters, also connects with occult sciences and paranormal phenomena, as shown by future events and data occur throughout the history of man:

– Number 33 and religion: This number is registered in the texts and the tradition of various religions of the planet. The Bible states that King David reigned in Jerusalem for 33 years and that Jesus was 33 years old when he died on the cross. It is also claimed that Hinduism has 33 million gods and that in Islam Muslims believe that the inhabitants of heaven live eternally with an age of 33 years. In addition, the second Muslims have 33 pearls for prayer.

On the other hand, the area where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers meet, where to find the original location of Eden or Paradise, is at latitude 33º 30 ‘N, where Iraq is currently located, whose capital is Baghdad, is in the latitude 33º 33’N. Disneyland is located along the 33rd parallel.

-The number 33 and Masonry: In the book «The Secret of the Illuminati», Elizabeth Van Buren states that «in the spiritual numerology, the numbers 11, 22 and 33 are the so-called» Master Numbers «, the number 33 being the higher on the scale, apart from other esoteric details, the «33» symbolizes the high degree of spiritual consciousness on the part of the human being. »

In Freemasonry 33 means the highest degree Mason of the Scottish Rite, conceived in 1801 with the creation of the Supreme Supreme Council in Charleston, South Carolina, located 24 kms. south of the 33rd parallel, where the first shots of the American Civil War would also have taken place. Interestingly in the same parallel 33 is also found in the town of Warm Springs, Georgia, where the house of the President of the USA is located. Franklin D. Roosevelt, who died there in 1945 because of a cerebral hemorrhage. After his death, Harry S. Truman, teacher of grade 33, in the President of the United States number 33.

Finally, some events that will focus on the organization of the United Nations (UN), whose flag will be observed a globe divided into 33 sections, surrounded by olive branches.

-The number 33 and the Art: the poet Dante Alighieri divides the three parts of «The Divine Comedy» into 33 songs each. The painter Michelangelo, a feather from the Sistine Chapel at age 33, and one of the best-known works of the Spanish architect Antonio Gaudí is the so-called «magic painting», a painting showing a variety of numbers from 1 to 15 added in any way, whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal, they always give 33. The famous American painter Jackson Pollock also painted in 1949 a painting called «Number 33».

– The number 33 and the ghosts: Many say that the best time to make contact with spirits or ghosts is at 3 and 33 or 3 and 30 o’clock in the morning, because at this time when we visit we are «charged» with more negative energy.

The fact is that I have always been struck by the fact that both Alexander and Jesus died at the age of 33, I find it so curious that I think that this «coincidence» can become an example of syncretism between the Christian world and the Hellenic world.

To begin with I will focus on the characters themselves, for both my historical. About Alexander the Great there is no doubt about its historicity, but the existence of Christ seems to me to be somewhat more complex, although I think there is doubt that there must have been some character, probably Essene, who was quite upset at the beginning of the first century, yes that I find it more difficult to be certain the other aspects that surround the mythical life of the type in question, aspects that I consider were elaborated a posteriori, to mythify some facts either intentionally, or accidentally by the deformation of the story due to the oral transmission.
Already entering the context itself, the elaboration of the myth of Christ occurs between the third century and I d.C. in territories of the Roman Empire, which had already assimilated in its republican phase all Greek culture by the different «Hellenistic waves». Hellenized Rome served as a diffuser of the Hellenic culture throughout the known world, because the place where the Romans came, came their ways of life, their architecture and their culture in general.
Having said that, I think it is quite likely that the weight of a character like Alexander the Great influenced to a certain extent the elaboration of the myth of Christ, since in the ancient world syncretism is widespread in all cultures, and this is something They have also known how to use the different monotheistic religions very well, appropriating (intentionally or not) different mythical facts to magnify their stories (example, myth of the flood of the Poem of Gilgamesh absorbed by the Hebrew tradition). That said, I think it would not be so farfetched to say that the age of Christ’s death is closely related to the fact that the Macedonian monarch died at 33. It should be noted that I consider that the 33 years had a fairly important relevance in the world Roman, based on the supposed cry of Julio Cesar when compared with Alejandro when he reached that age; that being true or not, it does indicate that the weight of Alexander in the Roman world was such that the age of his death was quite recurrent (something that happens today with Christ and his crucifixion at age 33).
I believe that the age of Christ’s death is related to that of the death of Alexander the Great.

The investigations demolish topics: the first of them, the time of death. Historically, it can not be maintained that Jesus died when he was 33 years old. Dionysius the Meager, the monk and the mathematician who settled down in the sixth century, which was the year in which Jesus, the Anno Domini, was wrong. Herod the Great died in reality in the year 4 a. of C., reason why Jesus had been illuminated in year 5 or 6 a. of C, paradoxically. Pontius Pilate, the perfect one in Judea, held this position from the year 26 to 36 d. of C., which implies that Jesus died with an age between 34 and 42 years. Where does the idea that Christ died at 33 come from? The gospels never affirm such a thing. Luke says that the public life of Jesus was when he was around 30 years old. Juan records three Passovers in which Jesus goes to Jerusalem, which is the basis of the popular Christian belief that they are 33 years old.

You have to consider doing astronomical research. He died on a Friday with a full moon on Easter, so we must know that November 15, the first month of the calendar, which is when the Jewish Passover is celebrated, these conditions meet between the aforementioned years. The result is that there are two options: on April 7 of the year 30, according to what Christ had died with 36 years, and on April 3, 33, in which Christ would have 39.

Therefore, it is more certain that the idea that Jesus died at the age of 33 was due to an appropriation or episode of religious syncretism made by the primitive Christianity of the figure of Alexander to magnify and mythologize Christ.

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